The House of Bear Unicorn 

Creating quality at your price point!

Why Choose Us

All your dreams come true.


Honest and sensitive 

Each piece of work, whether in photography, film, or design, is meticulously crafted to evoke a distinctive and authentic emotional response.


We create the graphic difference 

We create with a distinctive style that draws inspiration from American and Canadian graphic influences, ensuring that your design or film stands out and sets itself apart from other graphic creations.


We Are Passionate

We craft quality with unwavering passion, breathing life into your projects to make them truly distinctive and exceptional. We pour our hearts and passion into each project we undertake.

  1. We specialize in creating unique content, whether it's captivating videos or striking photography designed specifically for social networks, to suit your needs and budget. Our team distinguishes itself by its ability to design bespoke video ads, featuring innovative concepts that capture your audience's attention.
  2. Design creation of logo, poster and UX-UI and motion design and animated logo.

Hunt Down 

Production of a short fiction film
of 7 minutes : Hunt Down
Psychological thriller film
5 film festival selections 

Showreel 2024 

I've done a variety of work for clients as well as for personal and fictional projects.

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